A New Standard for Bare-Metal Cloud Disaster Recovery | Great Things With Great Tech Podcast #70

Cloud IBR, a leader in disaster recovery solutions, is providing companies with the tools they need to ensure business continuity, even in the face of unforeseen disruptions.

In this episode the host of the Great Things with Great Tech Podcast Anthony Spiteri and Regional CTO APJ & Lead Cloud Technologist at Veeam, has a conversation with Greg Tellone, CEO of Cloud IBR, an entrepreneur from an early age. They talk about building computers in the late 80s, setting up possibly the worlds first remote backup using a laser based ethernet, and Greg’s early days in the backup industry which led to a foundational career around MSPs and Cloud Backup.

Cloud IBR is reshaping the industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology, including the innovative Bare Metal Disaster Recovery SaaS solution. Anthony and Greg delve into Cloud IBR’s vision, their mission to redefine disaster recovery for the masses, and the various ways they are utilizing technology to safeguard business operations.


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