Disaster Recovery for SMBs & MSPs

Automated One-Click Recovery Software for Backups

Cloud IBR is a revolutionary backup recovery SaaS platform empowering businesses of all sizes against data disruption. We understand the crippling effects of data loss, whether from cyberattacks or natural disasters. That’s why we’ve built a user-friendly, cost-effective platform that ensures your critical data is always protected and readily recoverable.

With over 25 years of data protection and disaster recovery experience, we saw the disaster recovery risk escalate and the disruption gap grow wider for organizations that either lacked the expertise, bandwidth, or budget to implement replicated data to ensure uninterrupted operations. Enter Cloud Instant Backup Recovery. Founded on the idea that there must be an easier, faster, and affordable way to bring disaster recovery securely to the masses.

We’ve aligned with trusted data protection leaders like Backblaze, phoenixNAP, Veeam, and Wasabi to create an exclusive disaster recovery for backups SaaS platform. Seeing is believing, partner up and give Cloud IBR a try. 

DR Journey

Way before Cloud IBR’s launch in 2023, we saw the need to level the disaster recovery playing field for all organizations – and now we’re doing just that! Cloud IBR is quickly rising as an exclusive market leader in disaster recovery for backups, focusing on quality partnerships with like minded, value-driven companies who strive to ensure business continuity and rapid recovery for the masses. 

How Does Cloud Instant Backup Recovery Work?

One-click Deploys Bare Metal Cloud Servers.
Automatically Imports Veeam Backups Stored in Object Storage.
Immediate Failover Recovery to Bare Metal Cloud.

You offsite your Veeam backups to Object Storage and in one-click Cloud IBR provisions on-demand Bare Metal Cloud server + storage infrastructure in the event of a disaster and provides automated recovery test reporting for cybersecurity compliance regulations.