Disaster Recovery Without the Complexity with Wasabi, Veeam, and Cloud IBR

How to orchestrate disaster recovery with Cloud IBR, Wasabi, and Veeam. Disaster recovery industry experts collaborate to revolutionize the way organizations can recover faster from disasters and achieve compliance requirements without massive budgets or DR expertise. 

In this unique webinar, learn how complex technical disaster recovery barriers led to an innovative solution which redefines how organizations of all sizes can achieve resilience.

Gone are the days of complex, budget-busting disaster recovery plans. Embrace a new era of simplicity and efficiency with Cloud IBR. Discover how Cloud IBR’s solution built with Veeam and Wasabi, empowers organizations of all sizes to achieve robust disaster recovery capabilities without the traditional barriers of complexity and cost. 

What you will learn: 

  • Industry challenges and solutions for disaster recovery
  • Why you should add disaster recovery to your backup solution
  • How to achieve simple, cost-effective, and automated disaster recovery for your organization

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