Case Study: Weathering Storms: How Boreal Capital Management Ensured Business Continuity with Cloud IBR

The Resilient Voyage of Boreal Capital Management

Boreal Capital Management, a renowned financial organization in the international wealth management space, has been navigating the intricate landscape of private banking since 2008. With offices in Zurich and Miami, they cater to a diverse clientele spanning across the globe. Their commitment to providing comprehensive financial solutions has propelled them as a trusted fiduciary for individuals and organizations alike. However, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery amidst unpredictable challenges became imperative, leading them to seek a robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR) solution.

Challenges Faced: Navigating Turbulent Waters

When the threat of natural disasters loomed, and the specter of cyber threats materialized with the MSP’s data center succumbing to ransomware, Boreal Capital Management faced a pressing need to fortify their resilience. The previous solution, Zerto with the MSP, proved inadequate in the face of evolving threats. Decentralization post-ransomware attack exacerbated their vulnerabilities, necessitating a swift and comprehensive strategy to safeguard their operations.

Goals Defined: Charting a Course Towards Resilience

Recognizing the criticality of a resilient BCP/DR framework, Boreal Capital Management articulated clear objectives. Their goal was to deploy an effective solution that not only mitigated risks but also aligned with regulatory requirements. With a focus on simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, they sought a partner capable of delivering seamless continuity while minimizing operational overheads.

The Cloud IBR Solution: A Beacon of Hope Amidst the Storm

In their quest for a reliable BCP/DR solution, Boreal Capital Management partnered with Cloud Instant Backup Recovery (Cloud IBR). Leveraging Cloud IBR’s expertise, they implemented a comprehensive backup recovery system encompassing 2.5 TB of data. Harnessing the robust infrastructure of Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage and Phoenix Nap Bare Metal servers, Cloud IBR offered a one-click recovery mechanism, ensuring swift restoration in the event of disruptions.

Benefits Realized: Unveiling the Silver Lining

The adoption of Cloud IBR yielded a multitude of benefits for Boreal Capital Management. Automated Disaster Recovery (DR) streamlined their response mechanisms, bolstering their resilience against unforeseen contingencies. The seamless setup and management of Cloud IBR translated into significant time savings, with the first DR test completed in under three hours. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of Cloud IBR resulted in substantial financial savings, with an impressive return on investment (ROI) compared to their previous solution.

Results Achieved: A Testament to Resilience

With Cloud IBR seamlessly integrated into their infrastructure, Boreal Capital Management achieved immediate results. The implementation of a robust BCP/DR plan instilled confidence within the organization, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery to their discerning clientele. By fulfilling regulatory requirements mandated by FINRA and SEC, they fortified their compliance posture while enhancing their cybersecurity resilience. The transition to Cloud IBR not only mitigated risks associated with server disruptions but also empowered them to navigate the complexities of a dynamic financial landscape with renewed agility.

Conclusion: Sailing Towards a Brighter Horizon

In conclusion, the partnership between Boreal Capital Management and Cloud IBR exemplifies the transformative power of innovative BCP/DR solutions. By prioritizing resilience, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness, Boreal Capital Management fortified their operational continuity, safeguarding their mission to grow wealth for their clients. As they continue to navigate the evolving landscape of wealth management, the alliance with Cloud IBR stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and preparedness in the face of adversity.


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