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Unlock simplicity in backup recovery with
Cloud Instant Backup Recovery.
Join Troy Lijedahl, Backblaze and Greg Tellone, Cloud IBR, and Marty Williams, Veeam Software, for a practical and technical BRaaS webinar.
Webinar + Tech Demo: Cloud IBR SaaS: Brilliantly Simple, Cost Effective, Fully Automated DR, with Danny Allan, CTO of Veeam Software
"Cloud IBR saved the day, actually the entire year, after a ransomware attack... I love that the automated recovery test confirms the backups are good. This is an amazing tool, it's just incredible!"
Carlos Miranda
Head of IT, Boreal Capital Management
All Demo: Cloud IBR SaaS on Veeam Tech Bites
"I really appreciate the innovation here. You're taking Veeam, which is already pretty easy to use, and you're making it easy to solve a business problem"
Rick Vanover
Senior Director of Product Strategy, Veeam Software
"I really want to talk about Cloud IBR because I think this is a paradigm shift in terms of how someone is actually doing DR services, leveraging object storage and leveraging bare metal and Veeam technologies"
Anthony Spiteri
Regional CTO APJ & Lead Cloud Technologist
“They’re getting insurance without paying for insurance".
Elton Carneiro
Senior Director Of Partnerships, Backblaze
"Cloud IBR gives small and mid-market companies the highest level of business continuity available, against disasters of all types. It’s a simple and accessible solution for SMBs to embrace. We developed this solution with affordability and availability in mind, so that businesses of all sizes can benefit from our decades of disaster recovery experience, which is often financially out of reach for the SMB."
Gregory Tellone
CEO, Cloud IBR
“Launching Cloud IBR is taking our technology a step further in making disaster recovery from ransomware more accessible to small and mid-size businesses at a time when it’s needed more than ever. We are excited to work with a disaster recovery specialist like Continuity Centers to bring a simple and affordable disaster recovery solution to businesses who need it the most.”
Nilay Patel
Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales, Backblaze